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3 Different Types of Fireplaces For Your Home

It’s the middle of January which means fireplace season is in full force! What’s better than cozying up in front of a fire in the comfort of your own home? Fireplaces also add some value to your home – especially if you live in a cold climate! Here are 3 of the most common fireplaces to consider: 

Photo by Stéphane Juban on Unsplash
  1. Mantel Electric Fireplace If you’re looking for a no-hassle and less-expensive fireplace, mantel electric fireplaces don’t require any venting or chimney access. They resemble a wood-burning fireplace but are easy to install and completely electric! Most electric fireplaces allow you to turn the heating function off while still producing “flames” for that warm ambiance. 
  2. Gas FireplaceThis is probably one of the most common fireplaces which resembles a wood-burning fireplace except that it runs off of gas. While they definitely can heat the whole room, your gas bill will go up and you also won’t enjoy the popping and aroma that you’d get from a real fire. 
  3. Wood-burning Fireplace – If you love the smell of burning wood and want a more rustic type of fireplace, then a wood-burning fireplace is the way to go. The only downside (or upside depending on who you ask) is that you have to either chop your own wood or keep a supply of store-bought wood in order to use it. 

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