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Best Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Best Tips for Buyers and Sellers

While buying and/or selling a home is a complex process, it is also one of the most
rewarding transactions you will likely ever make. This is why it is so important to take
the right steps so that you can have a pleasant experience, rather than one filled with
stress and worry. Here are some tips to start off on the right foot!
● First, it’s important to work with a reputable lender. The online lenders tend to advertise great
rates but they often don’t provide a seamless experience that gets you to cross the finish line to a
successful closing. A local lender who has a working knowledge of the areas you’re looking to
buy in can make a huge difference. Your broker should provide you with a list of recommended
lenders he/she has worked with and from there, you can decide which one provides you with the
best rate or experience.
● Always keep an open mind. Wish lists are a great thing to have but in this hot market, you have to
be realistic about the fact that you might not get everything on it. Even if the home you buy isn’t
what you originally sought out, it can still become the perfect home for you.
● Just like it’s important to work with a reputable lender, it’s equally important to find an experienced
broker who knows what they’re doing and will communicate with you throughout the process.
With so many online sites like Zillow and Redfin, it may seem like you could save money by
calling those listing agents directly or contacting sales centers yourself, but you have no one
looking out for your best interest. Buying a home is a complex transaction and you need someone
on your side who knows how to deal with inspection, title, appraisals, etc.
● Before listing your home, make sure it looks as appealing to modern buyers as possible. Just
because the market is flaming hot doesn’t mean your home is going to sell right away for a huge
amount. Binge HGTV and see what today’s buyers want their homes to look like. The closer you
can mimic the style of homes depicted on TV, the better chance you have to sell quickly for the
highest price. Declutter, sell or store your stuff, paint walls neutral colors and stage your home in
a way that showcases each room rather than hides it.
● Listen to your broker’s price opinion. Pricing isn’t an exact science but if you have a seasoned
broker who knows what they’re doing, they’ll be able to do a comparative market analysis (CMA)
of your home to make sure the price matches homes recently sold in your area. Everyone thinks
their home is the best in the neighborhood but it’s not realistic. Don’t take their opinions on your
home personally. This is a business transaction and your broker is looking out for your best
interest. They want to sell your home for the highest price possible, just like you.
● Don’t worry about whether now is the time to sell. Regardless of the season, if your home looks
the absolute best it can look and you price it spot-on, then the time of year shouldn’t matter in this
current housing market. Winters are typically seen as a slow season but things are starting to
change now that inventory is at a historic low

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